Hard or soft mattress?

There is a conviction in society that sleeping on a hard mattress can bring more health benefits. Everyone should find the perfect solution for their needs. In many stores you can buy mattresses online. Shopping in the Internet allows you to thoroughly analyze all product parameters.

Soft mattress – not for everyone?

The hardness of the mattress depends, among other things, on the type of filling. There are four hardness classes.

  • H1 mattresses are very soft, even for people with low weight,
  • H2 are soft mattresses,
  • H3 is a medium hardness mattress designation,
  • H4 are very hard mattresses.

The sense of hardness is partially subjective. People who weigh more need harder mattresses to feel the same comfort as lighter people on soft mattresses.

Hard mattresses online – what are the parameters?

Hard mattresses are those that are marked as H4. They are recommended for people with a higher body weight (above or around 100 kg). Mattresses in this hardness range are often made of hard foam or have a coconut mat contribution. Are they comfortable? Tou won’t find out if you don’t check it yourself. It will be the best solution.

Double-sided mattresses – a compromise regarding hardness

You can’t decide which material to choose? Buy a soft or hard mattress? Check the solution, which is a double-sided mattress. With just a few mouse clicks, you can buy mattresses online for everyone. One surface of the double-sided mattress is soft, the other harder. You can change the sleeping side whenever you want.

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